Zach89 goes to Germany for Global Music Foundation

Came back from an Amazing trip to Saarwelligen, Germany. I was participating in the Global Music Foundation jazz program. I never thought that jazz music would give me the opportunity to travel overseas for the first time. The power of music is incredible. I met a lot of great people in Germany. I was lucky to have very cool roommates. I came with a friend from back home and our other two roommates were from Scotland and England. The overall atmosphere was friendly and family oriented; we had people looking out for us too which made it all the more comfortable of an experience.  What I love about Germany is that the Beer. Is. Flowing! lol They know how to drink over there. But not only did I enjoy many nights of drunkenness but I also feel like I came out of the program a better musician which is what I came to the Global Music Foundation for.  Looking back on it now, this was another pivotal point in my music career. To sum it all up my experience consisted of: new friends from all over the world, beer beer beer and wine, cigars, shisha, and jazz music.  Thank you Global Music Foundation!

Behind the kit during our final performance

Performing with jazz combo

Zach Drummin’

My jazz combo led by Bruce Barth

Performing with the samba group led by Francesco Petreni.

The house/art gallery that we stayed in.

Beautiful backyard of our residence.

I was fascinated by the shower there (No Shower Curtains) lol

This is a house but it’s really a piece of art.

Bike Life lol

Stores in Saarwelligen, Germany.

The local supermarket.

I was also fascinated by all the food items written in German lol

My 1st of many beers in Germany. Karlsberg.

Roommates Jordan & Scott eating in the kitchen on the first day.


One of the many great pieces of art in the house we stayed in.

Jordan hit hard by that Jet Lag lol

Beer & Pizza.

Party hard.

Cuban Cigars.

Smoking cuban cigars like a Boss.

It was colder than I expected in Germany.

Jordan composing a new tune.

Couldn’t leave Germany w/o trying the Schnitzel.

Caught him sleepin.

Out cold.

Cup full of shisha smoke.

I was a part of the medium surdo section of the samba group.

I like how they have these names on the bottles of coke.

My Roommates: Scott, Me, Alec, Jordan

Us with Hilda Sibeck. Like one little family.

Me and Jordan’s final beers on our trip. Cheers!


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