Cali friends/Photo shoot

Have you seen these pics? My California friends Angie and Chazzy made their first trip to New York together so it was only right that I showed them around the city. Shopped around Times Square, Soho, ate dinner in Little Italy, and visited the World Trade Center. They even came out to see my band KickSonic perform.

Along with showing them around the city I did a photo shoot with Angie who is also a talented photographer. We took a bunch of photos in the heart of Queens.  We freezed our asses off but it was well worth it lol  The photos came out dope! Here’s a couple of the photos from that day. Keep checking the site to see more of Angie’s great work.  Also, me and Chazzy who is a dope mc have some new songs we’re working on together so be on the look for that as well! Now I gotta make my way to California…

Me, Angie, & Chazzy

Chillin in the city. Snowflakes! lol

Overlooking the city skyline from their apartment

I put them on to Dunkin Donuts lol They don’t have it in Cali apparently

Photos courtesy of Angie Melchiade

Another one shot by Angie Melchiade


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